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Manea's - Known Worldwide?

Now, I may be a little biased because I am Don's cousin - however I have two great stories about Manea's that I had to share.

1: I was on vacation in Israel (of all places) and I met two couples from Minnesota. One couple was from Rice and the other couple was from another town close by (I don't remember the name of the town). These two couples both regularly bought their meat from Manea's! When I told them that Donnie was my first cousin they wanted to know if that would get them a discount! I told them that I didn't know, but that they could try!

2: Another time we were in Las Vegas. I was playing a slot machine and the lady next to me won quite a bit of money. Her husband ran over to us and I knew the minute that they started talking that they were from Minnesota. I asked where in Minnesota they were from and they said Henderson. I asked if they had ever heard of Manea's Meats and the gentleman told me that yes he takes his deer there to be processed every year! When I told them that my cousin owned the business they couldn't believe it - and neither could I! What are the odds?
Bev Newsom - (Potentially Biased) Manea's Meats Fan!

Kieran's Executive Chef Likes our Sausages

Hello Don and company,
Just wanted to say thank you for allowing me stop by you amazing facility and (thanks for) the tour. We tried all of the samples and can honestly say these are some of the best sausages we as a company have tried. My personal favorite was the Sweet Italian Sausage. We loved the apple brat and the standard brat. The texture and flavor of all of the sausages was amazing. My daughters both loved the maple-blueberry breakfast sausages. Those were so unique, you won't find something like that anywhere!! I have come to the conclusion that a person who can make really good sausages is nothing short of an artist.

We got the paper work going and will start pulling the stocked banger ASAP. We would like to get a few more varieties in stock as well. The Sweet Italian for sure, possibly the apple brat and/or standard brat. Maybe down the road we can look at a Guinness beer brat and a breakfast sausage, too. Also, we liked the whiskey banger you made.

We are very excited about doing business with you and hope to only grow this relationship.

Thank you again,
Executive Chef
Cara Irish Pubs (Kieran’s Irish Pub - Minneapolis, MN)

Brisket makes fall feast a success...

Thank you so much for all the suggestions regarding the braised brisket! And for taking the time and caring to assist me. Our fall feast this past Saturday was a great success due in large part to your personal consult and product! I used your suggestions, checking the brisket every hour and it seemed that there was a point that the fibers were breaking down resulting in a lusciously tender brisket that everyone raved about. The fragrance of the braising from the oven was mouth watering and seemed to be calling to me constantly but I withheld, only checked 1x per hour and it was worth it. Something I had never cooked before and am so grateful to you for your service and quality products!!!!
Marie F. – Manea's Meats Fan!!!!